This incident happen since last year OCT 2015. It about grabcar. I am a grabcar driver, been driving grab since last year june 2015. Happily driving with them until one incident happened. During F1 peak period, alot of ping from rider. But i was in rush going home due to my son was sick rushing back home. So i drop my last customer at sophia road. And i gonna offline n rush back home. But the ping keep coming n coming non stop. So i kept cancelling, but still couldnt offline at all. So to stop this ping, i actually accepted the trips and end the trip. So i could offline. After few weeks, i received sms said that my account been suspended and told me go for appeal.

So i log on to the website they given to appeal. I been waited for 4 months. And i kept calling the customer service.. Each of them telling me different stories.

1st customer service telling still investigation

2nd customer service tell me they will call me back

3th customer service tell me there no appeal send to them ( as i sent them 3 time from oct to jan each mth i sent once)

4th customer service told me they will call me back for interview ( i was great they will call me back)

Isnt your company investigation based in SG? The customer service told us is regional. Based in philippines. So i told the customer service so i should take a plane to philippines to ask for my appeal?

They reply me, no,we will escalate de issue by email to reply u asap? I told them u been escalate my matter for 4months. So i felt their customer service giving a sound of “hey you call me i jus entertained you i wouldnt do anything for u stop wasting your time and keep calling”

Today i called back again. They just gave me a feeling they jus entertained me again. I jus felt that, if you didnt want to old driver back or didnt have any chances of unsuspend me pls tell me. Dont let me waited for 4mth with my rented car that cant let me earn money.

A small matter case can check for 4month it ridiculous acts. If you think keep posting new driver come in n registered. And you can dont care about those old driver. I can say 4 chinese words for this grabcar company 忘恩负义 you forget the past how we help you to earn money, you forget how we help u establish a well known company.

As for uber i have a issue with rider same very day when i was suspended. At least i went down show them the police report and they will activated my account back on the spots. Hope grab, you can give me a better explain on this issue

A.S.S. Contributor

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