Dear All Singapore Stuff,
I'd like to kindly warn our fellow Singaporeans against ordering from the UK-based fashion retailer ASOS until they have settled all their current missing order issues.
The ASOS facebook page is inundated with complaints by people living in Singapore saying that they have not received their order. Apparently many orders made by residents of Singapore (including my own) in December 2015 to January 2016, which were expected to arrive in January 2016 – early February 2016, have gone missing.
Instead of offering refunds (which should be the case since we've waited for months), the ASOS customer service representatives made excuses about it being the Chinese New Year period and so packages might be delayed, despite the fact that most of these orders were expected to arrive way before CNY and some were even orders made 2 whole months ago.
Their standard template response was to continue to wait (some were told to wait over and over again) for the missing packages, checking neighbours, local post office, and the surrounding area outside the house (which was unuseful advice because nobody found anything).
One person even mentioned that she received a response from ASOS saying that they deleted her account because of her missing parcels and refused to let her process any future orders.
A simple google search reveals that many Singaporeans are facing this same issue:
beanmylife (blogger):
Hopefully more fellow Singaporeans will become aware of this issue after reading this post.
A.S.S. Contributor

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