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Please help to share my encounter with Seletar Mall’s NTUC Finest earlier on today, I bought 1 carton of Magnolia Chocolate Milk which indicates expiry date as 18 March ’16 at 8.20pm, less than an hour after I reach home, my boy aged 7, drank some of the milk and told me “not nice”, I quickly tried some and yo my horror the milk was stale!

I went back to the NTUC at around 9.30pm, and confronted the customer service and ask them to try the milk for themselves, as though the situation wasn’t bad enough, there was this unapologetic Indian customer service lady who was at the counter, said in a defiant attitude, “spoil then spoil, why must I try ??”.

She then called her supervisor to come to the counter, and this lady by the name of Michelle, looked surprisingly calm, she gave me the impression as though this is not the first time there was products that are rejected. She offered to change another carton of milk for me, but I rejected, so if the next few cartons of milk with the same expiry date has gone bad too, how many times must I make a trip to NTUC to do the exchange??

I wrote a short note behind the receipt stating that, they shall be liable for any unforeseen consequences that may happen to my son, the supervisor acknowledged on the copy and wanted to keep the receipt, I then asked her, so you are leaving me with nothing ?? Then she went on to photocopy one for herself.

Recently, there are a lot of feedbacks on the quality of the products that NTUC are selling, this post serves as a purpose for all parents to try all products brought from
NTUC first before feeding their child, even though it has not expired, please share this post whenever to spread the word.

Bao Bao
A.S.S. Contributor

Here are some of the negative reports of their products, sharing for your reference :

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