Dear A.S.S,
I came across this posting on a pinoy forum and I was shocked that this pinay even have the nerve to want to work in our local hospitals when she herself is infected with Hepatitis B! She is also quite shrewed to choose singapore because she knows that with her illness, other countries like Saudi Arabia will not accept her due to their strict standards, but Singapore is so lax with ours. I seriously hope that our government is not so desperate for foreigners that they even allow people with diseases to enter our shores and potentially infect other singaporeans
'Hi good day. I am desperately in need of your advice. Im a NICU staff nurse and working for almost a year in public hospital in Philippines. I'm a chronic HBV carrier, (hepa B reactive, but hbeAg nonreactive), and non-infections, got this since birth, but Im living a healthy life. Im one of those aspirant nurses who of course, dreamed of having greener pasture that's why i''m currently in line and applying to work abroad. KSA is very strict in terms of HBV as far as I know. However, my target is in Singapore.
My question is, does anyone here is currently working in Singapore as a nurse? I know that there is medical exam conducted every 6mo's, and HBV is included. But do they allow, nurses who have HBV and categorized as non-infectious? Do they consider it, but with a waiver from employer? Your comments are highly appreciated. God Speed!'
Jerome Chin

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