Dear ASS Editors,

I just bought a resale flat in Sengkang East and have a unblocked river view. I am a neighbour to this family of six. There is a grandpa, grandma, son, daughter-in-law and a pair of kids. Everything was peaceful until I found out eerie habits of the family.

The son is seldom at home, usually only grandparents, daughter-in-law and kids at home. Grandpa is leaving me souvenirs by spitting on my corridors and some days a few spits. To add on to this agony, his spits are hideous as they can’t be removed by normal detergent cleansing.

As a health conscious person, I would perceive this as an abnormal habit anyone would have. But since this is a daily habit, I think I deserve some justice. I called the town council for cleaning which takes a few days to come after numerous calling, I called the NEA and lodged a report. I resorted to calling to police too.

After all has been done, NEA did not resolve this issue despite speaking to the person at the door. Police did nothing about it and the town council can only continue to wash regular with activation of my calls. But the stains from the spits are irreversible(you can imagine how toxic it is).

These neighbours are incorrigible and inconsiderate, not sparing a thought for others how this could lead to hygiene issues. I think mentally unsound people should be directed to counsellorship or under education rather than to condone such actions of those.

Ms Long
A.S.S. Contributor

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