A Filipino reader has sent us an email about her life as a foreign domestic worker and a Christian cell group leader for other maids in Singapore. She wishes to raise awareness that many of her fellow Filipino domestic workers are not given enough time to rest and to attend to their religious services.

Read her email here.

Before anything Else I would like to great you a blessed weekend, and I would like to introduce my self to you, I’am Lilibeth O. Castro, 45 years old, from Philippines, I been working here in SG for more than 5 years, as domestic helper, for the America Families..

Since then I was so thankful to God because He blessed me in all areas of my life.. I had a lots of freedom to do what ever I wanted to( as far as Serving God was concern ) Off 4x a month with PH, and my employer, sent me to Philippines atleast 3 x a Year and it’s all for FREE 2 ways ticket. I had my own room, with fully air-condition with enough space for me, to rest and stretch my tired body after for the whole long day work ..

I choose to write my story to you all to share how Blessed I’am .. Not because for the very good employer that I had, but because I thanked God, who blesses me in so many ways.. And this is I would like to start for my story.

I am a BAC, or called Born Again Christian, under the HOPE Filipino Church Singapore Located @ 200 Jalan Sultan textile Center, and our Pastor is A Lady named Christie Ong, as a Christian I choose to serve God faithfully since then I was started to accept Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour, 20 years ago to be exact!

And thanked to be God, because He choose me to serve HIM, even I’m not deserving,but I’m serving to God that deserved for everything the best!

Under Ps. Christie’s name, I am one of Her, LGL’s or (LIFE GROUP LEADER ) I handling 18 regulars attenders in My LG, and all of them are same work like me, and DH, almost half of the attendance is working an expat .. Has freedom .. 24 hours off .. Whole hours of Sunday, my concern was this.. Half of them are not going for their off every Sunday and off started from 10 am until 5 or 6 pm curfew’s and they need to work first before they take off, and after they came back, they need to work again before to go to sleep..

I felt sorry for them, because they don’t have freedom and rest enough for this kind of employer manipulating their Life and killed their Joy.. Knowing that they are non stop working from Monday to Saturday, then afterwards off was limited so sad! As a Leader, they catch my attention and feeling sorry for them, because some of them are really wanted to join in Ushering’s Ministry, because our Service time was 6-8 pm so they have a curfew they couldn’t join for it.. Even cant go to the service..

So now I was so thankful to God to your life, because found u in my FB wall.. Praying to God that you all wishes to DH off was granted.. Thanks a lot and have great day! God bless us all always!

Lilibeth Castro
A.S.S. Contributor

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