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I have had maids since 1997 and till now I have hired about 8-10 maids. So I have many experience analysing maid behaviour and characteristics. I just want to share some of the observations that I have made about maids in Singapore -the 80% majority rule – that, (of course there are the 20% who are not generalised here) :

1) Filippinos are mostly arrogant (hao lian), vain and tell alot of lies. They like to work for expat ah mohs. Look down on Singaporeans, middle class or lower. They do not like to be micro-managed. Like to talk on phones, even to midnight. Like to have boyfriends and generally loose morals. They love ang mohs and indians…. So rare to find a good one now. Have, but very difficult….They are ok with big houses, kids. But they very talkative and high and mightly. They are the brightest of all. Any other filippina maids they know, they call them cousins…OMG!

2) Indonesians always blur and tell lies type, must push them, not hardworking, not thorough in their jobs. Not so smart like Filippinos but more humble. But they are not so hygienic. Can cook better only, can micro manage abit only for the in-exp ones. Hardy types Can work in big house, not so good with kids, but better with aged, Tell lies also, steal also. 95% cannot eat pork and mostly cannot handle dogs.

3) Myanmar, mostly are of better character (at least 60% will not steal). English ok, some bad. But character is more impt in maids right? They are very rigid and “one sided” mind, stubborn. IF they have made up mind on certain things, hard to change their thinking….maybe culture, not so much on attitude. Cannot cook well and cannot work in Big house…They do not argue so much like the Filippinos.

Any other sharings on this? I reiterate my findings are on majority maids , not the 2 sides of the bell curve….

Koko Mummy

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