My camp, like many others, was built over a burial ground. This story was told by one of my bunk mates so I’m not sure as to how exact it might be.

Basically, there was a building opposite our building that we stayed in that we were told not to go to because we had no business there. It was used for armoury and that’s about all. Now since we were recruits, we listened to every instruction given. That building look pretty run down too. Our camp is probably one of the oldest saf camps so it was of no surprise that a building could be in such a bad condition.

Anyway, one of my bunk mates and his buddy were caught smoking in the middle of the night so they were confined for the weekend. Having learnt their lesson about being caught in the wrong place, they decided to go the building opposite to smoke. Just to be sure, they went to the highest floor, 5th to be exact, to smoke, just so they won’t be noticed by any sergeants or the duty officer for the night. They checked the toilet if it was clear, it was, and went into a cubicle to smoke.

As they were enjoying their peaceful drags, they heard someone chanting from outside the cubicle. They stubbed their cigarettes immediately thinking it was a sergeant. The chanting was in a different language so they didn’t understand it, one of them told us that it was in Malay. The other said vaguely that it sounded Indian. The chanting went on for a good 10 mins before they decided to take a look for themselves.

When they came out, apparently there was an old man sitting on the urinal, with his eyes rolled all the way back, looking up into the ceiling and chanting those words. He had on a sarong looking thing and that’s all. White hair, very little teeth, wrinkled all over and scrawny. Suddenly the chanting stopped. At this point, my bunk mates are frozen from shock at the sight. The old man turned his gaze to my bunk mates and focused on them for a good 3 seconds. They immediately dashed out of the toilet, running for the lives. They ran back to their bunks and locked the doors, fearing for their lives.

Morning came and they reported to the duty officer regarding this tale. As he was a nice guy, he said he wouldn’t tell anyone about them smoking. But he did tell them that this wasn’t the first time he heard a story about the old man chanting in the 5th storey toilet. In fact, it even led to a few recruits falling servely ill or getting high fever when they saw him. That’s why that building was not be entered by anyone. The duty officer just advised them to never go back there and left the matter alone.

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