A 26 year old woman, Ms Serene Lim Xinhui passed away on Sunday, after suffering from a seizure during a Chinese therapeutic massage) session. She was at the Qing Kang Integrated Chinese Medicine Clinic at Midpoint Orchard shopping mall for a 2 hour massage session when she body convulsed and shook violently before slipping into a coma.

The clinic employee called the SCDF which gave CPR instructions over the phone and an ambulance was dispatched to take her o Tan Tock Seng hospital. Unfortunately, efforts to revive Ms Lim failed and she was pronounced dead at 8:50pm.

Director of the TCM clinic, Ms Ji Furong explained that Ms Lim had signed up for a tuina session through Groupon and they had been in the TCM business for more than 5 years. She was not aware of any instances where a customer seized up during traditional massage sessions.

Ms Lim was a former SPRING scholarship holder who was due to start a new job with a bank the day after her death. The case has yet to be classified, pending results of a coroner’s inquiry. Police investigations are ongoing.

From Ms Serene Lim’s social media profiles, she was a top student who graduated with a double first class honours degree in Accountancy and Business from NTU.

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