A little over 6 months ago, 2 guys approached me as I dropped my girlfriend off (I’m a dude), asking how to get to Jurong East. They then followed up by asking how long it takes to get there, and shortly asks where I stay, and where I work, I don’t answer of course but I find it odd, they even tried asking for my number, but I walked away.

Fast forward to today, I’m coming off the MRT headed up an exit when a guy taps my shoulder and asks the exact same questions. Initially I just answered the first two regarding travel, but when they asked if I were from around the area I just buzzed off.

Too specific to be a coincidence, they tried asking for too much information both times from a complete stranger. Is this some sort of scam or underground code word? I’m quite curious – I’m perfectly safe and unfollowed but this is extremely intriguing and slightly freaky.

He asked in Chinese first as well, but my limited mandarin made me just stare blankly at him, and then he switched to English. I find it funny that they started off in Mandarin when most people around that age (they seemed late 20s – early 30s would speak English to me.

Click on the link below to read the full freaky encounter.

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