If we post this question to our country leaders, our ministers, “will you die for the country?” the answer will be presumably “yes”.

Well, how about we try something much lesser than to die. How about asking the ministers are you willing to experience the life a poor family in Singapore for 1 month? How about live in a average HDB flat with no views, earning an average income while paying for all the bills for 3 months?

How about simulate a situation where they live like a middle income family where one of the family member need to spend more than 100k for a serious medical condition and get to know the Medishield life can’t pay for some expensive items?

Didn’t we all know that a lot of poor and middle income people are saying “we can die, but can’t fall sick”?

How about those pioneer generation aunties and uncles who have to toil till their ripe old age to be food court cleaners and pick cardboards on the streets till they literally die? And quite a few really died by being knocked down while picking cardboards on the roads.

How about the every increasing suicide rates of our youth and jobless PMETS, imagine the tremendous mental pressures they are facing. They paid with their lives didn’t they?

We have heard real stories of how NS servicemen who died in service are only paid a meagre sum. Are their lives not as valuable as those highly paid ministers? One month’s pay of a minister can cover more than 12 years the pay of a full time NS service man who are willing to die for the country. Is that they way we should treat those who are willing to die for the country?

Compared with those we come here on fat scholarships package and will not hesitate to leave the country once they enjoyed the privileges. Before we say “Yes, I’m willing to die for Singapore”, how about we start to care and help those who are dying and those “living dead”, people who are suffering from the intense pressure of this society. Care for those who are under paid while working so hard to provide for their families.

Is money, the way we measure everything, the value that glues us together or should it be real love and care for our fellow country men and women?

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