Dear All Singapore Stuff,
I brought one of the sugar cake bun from the Jurong Point branch of BreadTalk on 15 Feb 2016. After removing the plastic, I felt something was amiss as the bread was exceptionally sticky and frankly just doesn't seen fresh. To my horror, I noticed that the expiry date is just tomorrow (16th Feb 2016)!! 
Dear BreadTalk, placing breads which has clearly passed the definition of "freshness" (and which expires in one day) is clearly a stark contradiction to a company which prides itself to serving breads that are "fresh" to consumers.
And having been a loyal BreadTalk customer, and a fan of this type of bread, I am certainly disappointed by this horrific experience.
What do you think? Just last week, there was another case where the staff at Breadtalk Orchard admitted that their bread is not 'freshly baked' because they just sell whatever that was unsold for that day on the next day. Will you still buy breads from Breadtalk again after so many complaints about their less than 'fresh' bread and 'fresh' soya bean milk? 
Janies Ang

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