Just wanted to share my hair-raising experience during my BMT time.

This was during the ghost month so the sergeants forced us to go to bed by 10. So I decided to take my shower before heading to bed. Once we entered the toilets, we saw long strands of hair in the sink and even inside the cubicles. It was horrific for two reasons. One because it was freaking long strands of hair. NONE OF US HAD ANY HAIR, so it couldn’t belong to any of us. Secondly, earlier that day, we were told to clean the toilets. So if the toilets are in such a bad condition, we were basically screwed the next morning. We eventually cleaned it up and went to bed.

That’s not the spooky part though. Later that night we heard a woman screaming at the top of her voice. It was so loud that it even woke up the most compulsive snorer in our bunk! The sergeants rushed into all of our bunks thinking that it was one of us but we were all as clueless as we could be.
Now this was at 3am in the morning so even if it was someone from the platoon, the voice was still pretty high pitched. Until now, I’m still confused if it was someone playing a prank or if it actually was something that we werent supposed to mess with.

Either way, the next day was book out day and all we wanted to do was rush home and get as far away from that place as possible.

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