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"With due RESPECT to and for ALL faiths, surely there must be a SAFER way for doing offerings. Regrettably too, our SCDF & SPF couldnt (or wouldnt?) bat an eyelid. Haizzzzzz……" Dont want no publicity. Just doing my part in the interest of PUBLIC SAFETY.

Heres what happened: 0011 hrs; 16 February 2016; Location: Geylang Bahru

I alerted SPF when I noticed they had started piling/gathering the joss papers on the ground. A while later SPF returned my call and asked if I'd call once before earlier (Which I didnt. Someone else must've called this in as well)

They asked if the burning was for prayers and if it was a family. I said it was for prayers and theres a group of people. SPF sounded reluctant.

By this time, the match was lit. I shared my concerns on the impending 'hazardous bonfire in the middle of the road' and that they should come and take a look if they doubt me.

Hung up, continued recording for next 20 mins, no SCDF, no SPF came. And thats it.


<Reader Contribution by Desoog El-prup>"With due respect to and for ALL faiths, surely there must be a SAFER way for doing offerings."Why open burning like this? Dangerous siol! Look at the fire tornado! :O

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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