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Dear Singapore Airlines,

I’ve always have high regards on SIA’s customer service quality as ‪#‎SIA‬ is one of the top airlines in the world. However, recent booking experience with SIA has disappointed me, a lot. My parents and I have made a booking on 6 Jan 2016 to BKK via SIA website. It was a 2-to-go promotion. During the entire booking process (including the booking confirmation), the total amount reflected on the website was $594.60. To our shock, when we received the confirmation email, the total amount stated was $714.60 instead! (As shown in the picture)

I’ve tried calling SIA customer service. The customer service officer, Faizan, told me that there was no discrepancy and there’s nothing he could do to help me and advised me to send an email to the ticketing department. So I’ve immediately sent a feedback to the Ticketing & Refunds department via SIA website. Your ticketing service officer, Lenny, took 5 working days just to ask me for additional information which I provided within the same day. After which, there’s no follow-up email from him. I again emailed him 9 days later asking for an update. And all I’ve gotten from him 2 days later was to wait patiently for the investigation results from the relevant department. There’s no more emails to update me on the status ever since.

Being in the service industry, I believe this is not the proper way of handling your customers. A time frame should at least be given instead of leaving us hanging there! If more time is needed for investigation, you could always let your customer know that you needed an extension in deadline! And instead of providing assistance to us, we have to constantly ask for updates from your officer. How long do we have to ‘patiently’ wait for a reply from SIA? Indefinitely??

How long does it take SIA to investigate on such a simple matter? This reflects the efficiency of SIA in solving issues and how SIA values its customers.
Or is this how SIA generate extra profits? By ‪#‎scamming‬ customers? I wonder…

Should I lodge a formal complaint at ‪#‎CASESingapore‬? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

From a very ‪#‎disappointed‬ customer

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