Dear ASS,

So it has come to my attention that there is this lady that wants bike licensing in Singapore.

Before you speak, do think twice. How many bikes are there in singapore? Not a hundred, not a thousand. To get all cyclist to sign up for “licensing” just don’t make sense simply because not all cyclist are “dangerous”.

What are we going to do with this license? “Put a number plate?” Please tell me where do I put one. Would mountain bikers and roadies agree to it? No.

If you think of cyclist as dangerous, how about pedestrian? Why do I see pedestrian on cycling path? On East Coast Park and on certain pathways? Do each and everyone of us need to get “walking license”? Whenever I cycle on park connectors, and I am about to overtake someone, there is a chance of that “person” making a sudden turn. This one need license anot?

And please do not talk about the speed we are going, because to pedestrian, you will compare your walking speed and cycling speed, hence of course cycling will seem “fast”.

A.S.S. Contributor

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