Dear Parents,

I would like to warn all against the Tuition Centre for Maths of the name: Lexis Education Asia.

They advertised on Facebook strongly to be able to assist very weak student of pri. level from fail to pass or flying colours and that’s how I fell into the story and spent about $2000 for 7 months tuition for my P5 gal last year. She failed terribly during last year-end exam-maths.

First their school fees are exorbitant and more importantly, they do not have compassion for students( nor for desperate parents) with poor results. Throughout the 7 months, their teachers ( yes I requested to change teacher) were young and not qualified. During a conversation striked with a temporary teacher whom I spoke to, he was covering for a friend in that centre and just finished polytechnic, no prior teaching experience at all.

Another situation, one of the “qualified” male teacher actually taught my gal the wrong solution!

In general, the director is a young man in late 20s and the culture is that they go for earning the school fees and not go for really helping the weak students. Yes, of course, there may be 1 or 2 case studies of their success stories but beware just like my case, we are the many others that had failed.

Their teachers do not focus on weak students and even chided my gal during one of the lessons: how come she can do you cannot do?( My reply to that teacher now: If my gal can, then I have not need for such a school.) You can see such incident does not build confidence but destroy weak student. I can share to advise you against going to this tuition centre pls feel free to PM me.

My job now is just to warn all parents in the same state as myself 1 year back to avoid such heartless tuition centre totally; PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOU MONEY IN THIS MANNER!

Aggreived Parent

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