This dirty old man was about to hit on my car without checking blind spot in the car park compound. While I passed by him, I knocked at my car window which is my normal gesture then I drove off.

I parked my car alongside within the compound. The next thing I saw him standing behind my car taking photos. I got down and started at him. Amazingly, he accused me for showing him *middle finger* and I told him he needed a glasses.

Sadly to say, this old man was so unreasonably and brushed me off saying * I talked cock*

Fine! He walked into NTUC after he left me with bad note so I waited for him at the entrance till he paid his groceries. I approached him and asked him if I can call police to settle this misunderstanding (of cause words from each another mouth were not so pleasant at this moment)

I took his photo and happily he strike a pose in front of my camera. Then he told me : For what go police station, I take your photo is my freedom and I can’t stop him.
Great! So I promised him that I will put his pix on public and get him famous. Guess what he say???

Dirty old man : Please make me famous and do remember to post it at STOMP

Seriously I don’t understand why Singapore old folks have became such unreasonable. Is it they are too free after they retired?

Anyway just to share his photo here so to alert other road user when u come across him.

Please also help to make him famous as he has strongly requested

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