Facebook complaint by Nickels Yee

I usually don't write such lengthy post but I just have to get this off my chest.

-Details of accident:

Date: 5 Feb 2016

Time: 11.40pm

Location: AYE before Jurong Town Hall Rd exit

Just survived a terrible car accident and back home from the hospital. So glad that my daughter and I are okay. Although my car is in horrible wreck, we escaped unhurt with some minor abrasions, cuts and ringing in my right ear. Had hell of a shock as I tried to get out of the car, and after that frantically putting my daughter out. I was hit by a car as I was going to turning out of AYE. What the hell……

Most ironic part, I wasn't checking my phone, sleepy , speeding or eating. Just driving within the speed limit , carefully making my way home. To cut the long story short: According to the driver who hit my car, a car was speeding, almost or knocked (not sure) on to her car, she swerved , and unfortunately, hit onto my car.

Everything happened so quickly that before I realise it, my car had hit the shoulder kerb/railing. Thank god that the railing managed to withstand the impact . Else, I cannot imagine what will happened to us. 真是不幸中的大幸! Two motorcyclists witnessed the accident, came back to tell us that indeed a six seater MPV was speeding. Unfortunately they couldn't see the car plate licence.

To the hit and run driver, you better hope that you don't get caught coz if you are, I will make sure to 问候你全家和祖宗十八代 everyday! What goes around comes around. I am a strong believer of karma. I hope you can really sleep well at night knowing that, thanks to your reckless driving, you nearly killed us both tonight. And oh yes I can still hear the damn ringing sound!

To the nice Jie Jie who lent Nicale a pair of slippers, thank you and please contact me if you want your slippers back.


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