A 63 year old taxi driver, Mr Weng parked his taxi in Redhill for about 30 minutes to have lunch. As he tried to leave the carpark, he was shocked to be charged $299.93 in parking fees. Normally, he would be charged less than $1.00 in parking fees.

Even after tallying up his other parking related fines which he has not paid, they still do not amount to $300 that the carpark tried to charge him.

When HDB clarified, it claimed that Mr Weng had tailgated a vehicle while exiting the carpark last month resulting in this shocking big parking bill. As the parking system did not register his exit, it charged him for parking since the last time he entered.

HDB assured that Mr Weng will not face such problems in future as they have cleared him old records. They urged all motorists to not tailgate vehicles in front of them when exiting electronic carparks.

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