Dear Editors,

I brought a bottle of Maggie Garlic Chili Sauce a day before the lunar New Year from my neighbor NTUC fairprice supermarket , intended to cook chili prawns to serve my family on 9 Feb (2nd day CNY) 2016. Little do I know that I will be in for a shock. As you can see the bottle had already cracked and the cap was dirty and contaminated. My prawns cost me $20

I wrote to the online customer feedback portal on the same day and had since received unsatisfactory feedback from the union backing supermarket chain. The latter is nonchalant and careless, they requested that I returned the bottle to the outlet store and obtain my refund of $2.20 and that’s all. They would take their own sweet time to “investigate” with Nestle or whosoever supplied these chili sauce and request that I wait up to 3 weeks for a feedback. Period.

NTUC : “We will get back to you”

If you are sick from eating these contaminated chili sauce will you wait up to 3 weeks to see a doctor ? Irresponsible NTUC Fairprice

Note : I am returning the bottle of contaminated chili sauce back to the supermarket chain today.

Unhappy Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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