Dear ASS Editors,

The Better Internet movement by the media literacy council can be seen as one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy this year. Public figures giving speeches that contrasts their actual behaviour, are not the least bit uncommon in Singapore. But this one is the true champion of hypocrisy.

The better internet is aimed at making the internet a more positive environment, using four values that make the internet a better place, integrity, respect, responsibility, and empathy. Which sounds good and all, until you remember, this movement is by the Media Literacy Council. And that is the biggest joke of all.

For those who didn’t already know, one of the council members is Calvin Cheng. Now if that doesn’t scream a big WTF, I don’t know what will.

Calvin Cheng is like the biggest producer of hate speech in Singapore. First he called for the ISA to be acted on Alfian Sa’at, implying him to be a terrorist. Then he called for the children of terrorists to be killed. Wow. And when Kirsten Han criticised him for his words, Calvin Cheng accused her of galvanising a hate campaign, accused her supporters of harassing him and his staff, and called her a traitorous Singaporean for no reason other than that she didn’t wholeheartedly support Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Calvin Cheng vindicated himself, claims he is the victim, accused Kirsten Han of being evil, and encouraged everyone to attack her.

And in his latests statement, he claims that PAP’s methods of making personal attacks is a form of “good politics”. Well I guess that says a lot about former NMPs….

This greatest producer of hate speech in Singapore sits on the Media Literacy Council. Now if that isn’t a joke, I don’t know what is.

The MLC refused to remove Calvin Cheng from the council. They might as well be endorsing his behavior. The MLC can do all the campaigns it wants, it can say all the inspiring speeches it wants, but the actions speak loudest of all.

It’s a simple question really. Will you trust a council that campaigns a more positive internet environment, when the council members promote hate speech on a daily basis?

Perhaps they should be in the Noose.

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