Dear Editors,

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Take a good look at yourself and tell me how DISGUSTING you are. You fucking piece of shit.

For 3 years, I’ve been there all the while. I forgive you even though you lied to me that you actually have a girlfriend.(now ex girlfriend, I think?) During that period of time, you still meet me from time to time. Yes, we had sex obviously. And everytime after sex, you’d be rushing back home to your girlfriend. I was stupid enough to buy that bullshit of you – saying that you want to work things out with me.

I was also naive enough to give you your space while you game. Later did I know that you actually tell me that you’re gaming but you went to meet some other girls.

Also, you keep telling people that you want to work things out with me yet you went behind my back to do shits like that. Of course, you can bring any other girls out using your own money to pay for them. When you have no money, I AM the one who support you and eat Maggie almost every end of the month.

Nice job done, Glenn tan. Thank you for teaching me lesson.

And to girls out there, or even the girl from the below photo, wake up your fucking idea. He just want your attention and use you. You mentioned that you just like the attention. Now I’m giving you all the attention you need.

Belinder Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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