Dear ASS Editors,

Beware of men using dating apps to look for flings. I’m posting this to create awareness on this man that I got to know from a dating apps. I’m single and looking for more friends to date to ease my boredom in my free time.

Two week ago, I met a 39 year-old man named Jay on badoo apps. We had been chatting via the online apps for couples of hours and we exchanged phone number to continue our chatting on whatsapps, he appeared to be sweet and nice and I admitted that we clicked well. I was keen to meet up with him but end up he was looking for sex.

This jerk made up stories of his wife bought his son back to china and he missed the son badly, on the other hand he told me that he had a very supportive girlfriend. He tried to cheat me saying that he fall for me and he miss me. He requested me to be his girlfriend and wanted anal sex. Things turned out messy when I rejected him. He boosted that he had many women to fling around and his wife or girlfriend is pregnant. My sincere advise to the wife or girlfriend to go for a full body screening.

The purpose of this email was just to expose his lies and prevent other women to buy his made up stories.
I want to warn all women out there to choose your husbands or boyfriends wisely so you will not suffer the same fate as the wife or girlfriend.

Best of luck.

A.S.S. Contributor

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