Dear editors,

Dishonest sales tactics and poor after sales service of California Fitness!

Think twice before you sign up with California Fitness! I’ve signed up with the Orchard Branch on Jan 16 and it declared closing down the Orchard Branch on 05 Feb!

Prior to signing, I have greatly emphasised to the sales representative that I signed because this is the only gym that suits me because of the location and the early morning classes schedule! If they tell me they will be closing down within 2 weeks, I wont sign up at all!! Who in the right mind will sign up for something that will be closing down soon???

I find that they are really very dishonest and unethical! Don’t they know that they will be closing down within 2 weeks???

In further, when I wrote to them to ask for a refund, they just replied no refund and asked me to go to the nearest branch which is Novena and their early morning classes seem to be so pathetic with no yoga class! If there is no classes, I might just as well go to any community centre or sport hub to use their gym. Why do I have to spend time to travel to Novena then rush to work during the peak morning hours?

Their Orchard Branch is considered a big branch and with the closure, that means the other branches will be even more congested. If they are service oriented, they should at least add more classes to accommodate more members.

I constantly got marketing calls from their personal trainers as well which I told them that I have no faith in their company anymore and won’t sign up anything with them again. Once payment $$$$ is made, there is 0 service and they will only entertain you with lame answer if you ever email them.

This gym is only interested in $$$$$ with no service or welfare to their members. It is not really stable as I heard from the old timers that with the sudden closing of Orchard Branch, they could also close down of other branches with no further notice too.


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