Dear Editor,

For those of you who will be taking the SQ Econ or Premium Econ Seats, just be aware that they are now giving out these so-called complimentary ear phones for your use with their in-flight entertainment (IFE) system. Their IFE is still good but the complimentary ear phone is not, is in fact lousy crappy junk in which you can’t really hear clearly what you are watching on the screen.

While no-one expects top sound quality from economy earphones, I think the sound quality through these is so bad that they have crossed the line to become unacceptably bad. Dialog on at least one movie was almost unintelligible, and music and sounds seemed as if they were coming through a tunnel.

My advice is to bring your own pair of in-flight ear phone unless crystal clear sound is not necessary for you when watching on the IFE. Quite a disappointment to have SQ presenting a crappy piece of junk with their good IFE in general.

Disappointed passenger

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