A reader sent us this heartwarming post about a kind gesture by a generous Malay lady, Amirah Amri, working at an office along Changi South Avenue 2. Realizing that her office’s security guard, an elderly Chinese uncle, was still working at his shift over the Chinese New Year weekend, she brought him a box full of her mother’s home made pineapple tarts.

Who says the Muslim community can’t get along? Thumbs up, Amirah!

Read her post here.

“Time: 6:30 PM
Date: 10 Feb 2016
Location: Changi South Avenue 2

My office is closed today but this cute uncle still serves his duty as a security officer even during the CNY. Since my office is just 15 mins of a bus ride away from my house, I decided to pay him a visit. And, I needed to print some documents too.

This is my office security officer who takes the night shift. He calls me Ami-Ya because he can’t pronounce my name well and he would always checked up on me whenever I stayed very late in the office. I cannot imagine having to work during this festive season but he did it with no complaints. So I wanted to show him my gratitude and I brought for him my mother’s famous pineapple tarts. He loves it!

Amirah Amri”

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