Dear editor,
I have to get this off my chest: On 20 Jan around 9 pm, I was shopping with my mum at Orchard. She wanted to get some bread for breakfast, and we passed by Breadtalk. She wanted to buy the whole meal bread but as she was having it by herself, she opted for the 5 piece version. Unfortunately, there was only the 8 piece available. 
As it was late and they had much leftovers, I thought of a win-win situation and proposed to the staff, 'Why not repack the 8 piece so we could buy?' I thought it was late already so why not repack and sell to us instead of throwing it away. 
Her response blew me away: 'Our breads can last 4 days. We will just resell tomorrow.'
Doesn't Breaktalk brands itself as freshly baked premium product? By selling the next day, the bread is already 1 day old stale. We know that breads actually changes for the worse after being left out – a day old makes a difference. 
Advice to all: go for Gardenia or sunshine, they baked their breads freshly daily and much cheaper than Breadtalk. As you can see the pictures below, some of the breads are already a day old – and would be 2 day old the next day….
So much for quality bread from Breadtalk!
Gary K

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