Dear editor,

This happen 9 years back in my current home. It was around 7 pm when a light pungent smell hit the lower ground of my flat (masionette). It can be smelled in the dining room & living hall but not on the upper floor where the bedrooms are. Well, I reasoned to myself may be it’s the wind that brings the smell towards our house. So, we ignore the smell until the clock hit midnight. The pungent smell was so gagging. Told my hubby & he gave me the same reasoning that it’s just the wind. So we settled down for the night.

It has since been our practice that every Friday we will sleep in the living room. We will watch late night movies & open the balcony door wide. So, the last movie finished & the time showed 2 am. We off the tv & the lights. I place my daughter who was less than a year old nearest to the balcony (so very silly of me). I was in the middle and my hubby on my left. There’s no more pungent smell either but immediately after the light was off, come this eerie sinister sounds of laughter so loud, echoing into my ears. The sound gets softer and softer after a while but it sounded just next to me.

I caught hold of my hubby’s hand & yes, he was frozen with fear. I checked on my daughter immediately & the baby seems restless but not crying. I grabbed hold of my baby, ran towards the switch to on the lights. Told hubby to close the balcony door. He commented that thing likes man rather than woman (oh yes, he remained rooted in fear not moving at all). So reluctantly hand the baby to my hubby & yes, shakily, went over to the balcony door to close it shut.

We still continue sleeping in the living room every Friday. The only difference now is that the balcony door is no longer open. I rather enjoy the aircon than the gentle breeze coming in at night. My father told me it’s just a passing spirit & taught me to do my own blessing using holy water with some recitation.


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