Hi A.S.S,

I just like to know how would you deal with a bitchy male boss? He is a straight man (not gay) but simply behaving like a bitch (PMS most of the times) at work.

I know that he doesn’t like me but he can’t do much to me due to the fact that I have the support from one higher management. But despite several attempts to share my concerns with that higher management, he was unable (or maybe unwilling) to do much such as changing the reporting structure due to his busy schedules.

My bitchy boss has been trying to make my life difficult in the office by accusing me of doing things which I have not done. Yesterday was 1 big outburst between us because he had insisted that I had taken a 1-day mc which was not true and can be verified by several colleagues who saw me on that day. Despite correcting him and asking him to verify the truth with colleagues and clients, he still insisted that he’s right.

My boss is lke that. If he thinks he’s right, he will simply shut off his mind from any explanations. My ex colleagues told me that he had ever shared with them, he just have to be 70% correct and he will insist that he’s right though it was proven wrong.

I am pretty sure the higher management would not make him leave despite being incompetent and the lack of strategic thinking to lead the sales team to bring in sales revenue as a Director. Which I questioned myself why several times after seeing so many capable people leaving coz of him? No one has an answer to that, and I’m not going to pull my hair out thinking of this either.

I don’t know how is he going to appraise me which is going to happen within these 2 months though the higher management has praises of my work. The higher management has told me that he didn’t want to undermine my boss’s capability/authority by pulling me out of his team, though I have better knowledge of the work that I am doing. I have shut him off unless there’s a need to help in his work. However, my admin matters such as appraisal, MC and blah blah blah still have to go to him coz of the reporting structure.

I am dreading to go to the office nowadays but I am unable to find an alternative solution till I find a new opening elsewhere. My hubby has asked me to ignore him completely which I have been doing all these while except times when I need to help with his works. And neither do I want to suck up to him coz I don’t think it’s necessary for such a horrible person who is an empty shell.

TB. Soon

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