On 3rd February, a reader bought cupcakes from Cold Storage at TripleOne Somerset, not realizing that the cakes had expired. When she consumed the cupcakes later that same night, she ended up with diarrhea and vomiting and had to see a doctor the next day.

According to Bella, the cupcakes had expired on 31st January but were still on display and for sale. She had 2 of the cakes for dinner and went to bed. She later woke up in the middle of the night with a strange sensation in her gut and ended up relieving herself in the bathroom.

The next morning, she again consumed 2 of the cupcakes for breakfast, which resulted in another trip to bathroom.

“I did not have anything else for dinner, only the cupcakes,” Bella said.

Bella only noticed the expiry date of the cupcakes when she was leaving for work, which made her worry for her safety. She visited a doctor who could not confirm the exact cause of her diarrhea and vomiting, but by then her lower eyelids had become red and swollen in reaction to the cakes.

She later made a complaint to Cold Storage on 4th February. Cold Storage subsequently sent a hamper to her house on 6th February but Bella feels that Cold Storage has failed to resolve the situation properly.

“I sent pictures of the receipt, cake box and doctor’s receipt. The customer service representative said that they will compensate but nothing has been done till today.

“When I called, they said that the case is still under investigation and told me that they are still awaiting news from the supplier.”

“I asked for an admission letter stating that I had bought expired food from them but there seems to be no response.”

On 11th Feburary, Bella also received a call from her colleague stating that a representative from Cold Storage had called to say that they had received the cupcakes Bella had purchased.

“But I did not give them the cakes, they are still with me. I did not even go there; I will not go there or even take any compensation that they will give. Sending hampers to me won’t work.”

Bella has since lodged a complaint with the NEA.

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