In October last year, a 4-year-old boy fell to his death from an open window that had no grilles. Back then, Mr K Shanmugam spoke up very promptly, writing on his Facebook:

“One can understand the parents’ anger, anguish. To lose a child like this because someone has not done what he is supposed to have done. And the conduct after the tragedy is shocking. There must be steps taken against such contractors – if what the father says is correct. We must help the family to get legal recourse. It won’t bring back the child, but there has to be some justice done. I have told them we will help find a lawyer for the family.”

Mr Shanmugam was angry – and justifiably so. Still, his aggressive tone was surprising. After all, he didn’t possess, at least at the time he wrote his post, all the facts pertaining to the episode.

This is why his silence on the Benjamin Lim’s matter is especially disturbing (Mr Shanmugam is the Minister for Home Affairs as well as the Minister for Law). In Benjamin’s case, the police have even, in not so many words, admitted culpability when they said they would review the procedure when it came to questioning minors.

Yet, the Minister has not uttered a word or even commiserated with the Lim family. The silence is awkward, to say the least.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democrats

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