Dear editors,

Kudos to SMRT taxi driver ( SHF169F ).

I was with my friend at Braddell Mrt . At 12am midnight , i wanted to use GoGoVan app to go home with my mtb . I check the pricing was to expensive and i think what should i do in order to get home . Obviously i don’t want cycle back home as its quite dark and i was lazy to cycle home.

I hailed for a taxi but most of them didn’t want to take me as my mtb was to big to put in the taxis boot . But there 1 taxi stop and took me in .

Firstly i dismantled my MTB and he took my frame with handlebar (780mm long) loosen and fork attached . My bike was too big for the taxis boot again . He uses his own initiative to put my mtb frame in the rear passenger sit .He didnt think twice .He know that its late for me . Then i went to put my wheelset in the taxis car boot .

Because of him i can get back home . Safely . If i when on to cycle from braddell to tampines , i would reach home about 2am . Most taxis drivers wont take a passenger with a mtb . But he happily took me in . Thanks to the Taxi Driver of SHF169F !

M Nooramin

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