I am just 23, got married last year and desperately need advices whether I should exit my current marriage or it’s just normal to face these in a marriage.

1. My wife controls what clothes to wear, food to eat, places to go. Other than that, she also limits me on hobbies that I would like to enjoy like she will always say no when I start doing my hobbies, telling that I ‘don’t care’ about her.

2. She pushes all the housework to me. I do all cleaning, washing and ironing and simply say ‘because you are my man’ or.. ‘you love me, right?’ We both work with similar pay but why must I do everything? I don’t think she has the right to treat me like a servant?

3. She got worked up with simplest thing. My parents had warned me that she is short tempered.

4. Too often she comes up with ‘jokes’ and comments that really irritate me. It can be something like ‘Can I sleep with this guy?’ or ‘can I marry that guy?’.

5. She is rather manipulative, knowing that she is good in talking. Too bad most arguments I always lost so I just give in to her even though I don’t think her opinions are incorrect…

What should I do? Is my wife’s behaviour normal?

Teng Choon

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