Dear A.S.S,

I have a GF of 7 months. I think we are doing fine. However, my greatest insecurity is that I am short 🙁 I’m 1.67 m and she is about 1.6 m. She likes to wear heels but I think after she met me, she hasn’t been wearing them much coz she would be taller than me 🙁

I also find it kinda embarrassing when we are out shopping and she can’t reach for an item on the shelf coz I am not much of a help too 🙁

I imagine her being upset at not being to wear her pretty heels when she is out with me. Sometimes I think she isn’t the one coz face it, who wants short babies? 🙁

Anybody out there in the same boat as me? Please share your thoughts 🙁

Short and sad 🙁
A.S.S Contributor

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