hi all singapore stuff.. would really appreciate if you guys could help me share this and find someone.. i just came back to singapore after being away for almost 10 years, and might be leaving again soon. and i really hope i can locate a long lost friend whom is really important to me.

after graduating from secondary school, i went overseas and lost contact with someone whom is very important to me. and by the time i came back recently, i realised ive lost all ways to contact him already. somehow msn messenger is no longer in service (i did not use it all thes years, especially after smart phones came about), and i cant retrieve his email address anymore. (i remembered his email but mails didnt go through.)

and moreover 10 years back there was no iphone, so technically i did not manage to keep any of his photos except a really blurred one taken with some nokia phone, i found it in my mms folder in gmail. (very antique).

i know my details is limited but please help me to share as i really hope i can find him back…

his is either known as val or ernest by his friends, and stayed at pearl center. i forgot which floor though.

used to work with coast guard, and should be 36 or so this year. years back hes into trance music and etc but probably not anymore.

email address is [email protected] but its no longer in use i think.

birthday falls on 9th august if i didnt remember wrongly, same as national day.

if anyone has any information please email me at [email protected] or facebook msg me

please help me to share as if possible i really want to find him back before i leave sg again.

Seokie Jang
A.S.S. Contributor

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