Dear A.S.S,

PLEASE BEWARE! If you have bought bak kwa from this store.

My dad bought 8 boxes of bak kwa from Yan Chuan Roastee Pte Ltd on 28 Jan, for $39 each. On 7 Feb, we found mould growing on almost all the pieces of bak kwa. We went to our grandma’s place to check (we gave her one box) and hers had mould too! Good thing my mum noticed the mould, if not we would have eaten them!

When confronted, the employee said very nonchalantly that their bak kwa can only be kept for 4 days. My dad was shocked! This was not communicated at the point of sale! How dishonest! If my dad knew, he would not buy from them or buy so many boxes. How can anyone finish 1kg of bak kwa in 4 days?

He gave some boxes to his busness associates. He had to call them one by one to apologise. So if you have bought from this store, pls look before eating! Mould can be extremely harmful to the body!

Enzio Q
A.S.S Reader

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