Incident Date : 07.02.2016 @ 15.57pm I took i cab from from Mei Ling Street near to Blk 157, its a prime cab an old man who is aged between 50 to 60 years old I have attached his photo and his cab number details below.

I was travelling to Toh Guan Road East, on the way to Clementi Ave 6 I was asking the uncle whether can he pick up my collegue from Toh Guan Road East to IMM which is only 5 minutes away from where I need to alight, he immed told me that “no no I can’t I need to change shift to Tiong Bahru” in a rude manner, So I told him its ok, Please alight at Toh Guan Road East. I told him to turn left along clementi west ave 6 to Toh Tuck Ave but he went straight, then I ask him Uncle I ask to turn left and why he went straight, he know he make mistake immed it turn the hot arugment with me.

I was not happy , then i still say uncle u make a mistake and why r u shouting at me?? He immed ask me to alight along Toh Guan Road along IMM way, He ask me to get to down immed and he told me he don’t need the taxi fare, after i get down he was shouting at me saying that I didn’t had money to pay him so i get down (confused). Then I get down to take a pic of his car no and his face as a proof and he got angry he was shouting at and was raising his hand at me but he didn’t dare to beat me. I was calling the police and he did the same.

What upset me was in the middle of the arugement, he pin pointed me that I m a Indian gal wherever i go I don’t get any help and he also say as a Indian we are downgraded in the society. And he also say that our Prime Minister Mr.Lee Hsien Loong is a Chinese man and he will only help Chinese people?? As a Singaporean Indian do i reserve such a disgrace?? Mr Lee have help alot of people regardless of race but this old man uncle have a such cheat mentality on this matter called as racist.

I have filed up the case with the police and send an email to Prime Taxi Management also with Mr Lee Hsien Loong and the land Transport Minister Mr Khaw Boon Wah.
I really need justice for this matter.

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