We just came home from chinese reunion dinner at my in-laws and parked our car across our house as the nearer spaces were occupied. My wife was carrying our baby girl walking back to our house when a young man driving a merc suddenly turned into the lane super fast and stopped right at my wife shocking her and baby. He then drove across them and sped away.

As it was a deadend…i confronted him and asked him if he knew that he had almost hit my wife and daughter with his car.

His curt reply…’ Bro They were walking on the road’.

*shakes head* this is not some big road but the small roads amongst landed properties. We were already walking halfway from across the small road between 2 houses and You came up from behind us. You were simply driving too fast turning into a lane. You know that for a fact

And I’m not your bro. You almost knocked down my family. I was already fuming and was ready to bash you but you drove off.

Mr young man driving SDN 67L, I can guess with the loud music you were playing in the car with your group of young friends you’re probably rushing off to club.

I get it. It’s a Friday night. You got the dough, you’re young and wanna have fun. But I would recommend you drive safe and lose that sense of entitlement that the road is yours. Else god knows where you might end up next.

#drivesafe #recklessyoungdriver #SDN67L

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