Dear Editor of A.S.S.,

I refer to the CPF Board’s Facebook postings suggesting children to top up
their parents CPF accounts.

May I also through your site, refer them to their own letters dated 27 Aug
15, Ref: ECE/PCP/200309106R-PTE-01 & 5 Jan 16, Ref: PCP/200309106R-PTE-01 as
well as the Public Service Commission’s letters dated 17 Jun 14 & 15 Jul 14
on the same matter in response to representations from the MP for Marine

Before the Board asks for ‘ang pow’ monies to be deposited in CPF accounts,
may I request that the Board first assist to recover my child’s long overdue
CPF from his former employer and restore confidence in the system as existing
legislation are either inadequate or that the Board itself is unwilling to
enforce Sections 60 & 65 of the CPF Act for unknown reasons.

Such actions does not help but create doubt and suspicion on the Board’s part
and leave unanswered questions as to whose interest the Board is trying to
protect and conceal. I have sought legal advise that Section 60 is still
relevant and its ability to be imputed on errant directors and company
secretaries is regardless of the status of a winding up order. Such orders
does not prelude an offense. The “Official Receiver” on the other hand, is
still able to commence punitive actions later on even after a winding up is
successful in the absence of the company’s officers.

Hence I hope CPF Board will set things right and get priorities in order for
their house so to say, if they truly believe in their members financial
adequacy in the areas of housing and medical.

A.S.S. Contributor

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