Was having a quick breakfast meal with a friend at a macdonald branch at ang mo kio central situated opposite ang mo kio hub few days back.

Friend noticed that the chili sauce from the dispenser container had an unusual color. Took a smell of the sauce and it smell strong wif chlorine. Her fingers smelt of chlorine smell when she accidentally touch it too.

Went to the counter and requested for the manager. Waited for 5 mins and a chinese staff came out from the kitchen to remove the chili dispenser away.l and witnessed by me. Restaurant manager still had not responded to meet us. Left a saucer or the contaminated sauce behind and i quickly went to snap a pic for reference.

We went to the counter again and told the staff to ask the manager to attend to us immediately by saying it out loud that their chilli sauce had chlorine in it.

Restaurant manager finally came out and apologise that it was an accident. The kitchen helper had soak santizer solution in the container and had overlooked to clean the entire containr clearly. Thus the chemical solution was mixed with the chilli sauce and served to the public.

There were many school kids in the restuarant having their breakfast and dipping their food into the sauce.

It was so disgusting. Made a huge complain to macdonald. Pesonnel in charge from mgmt explained that the santizer solution they used was grade 2 and suitable to be used in kitchen. My reply to him was: Does that means u still can mixed the solution into the sauce and served to public? Will you even try it?

Therefore all patrons dining in their restaurants, pls request for packet chili sauce instead of dispenering it from the chili dispenser. You might not be as lucky as us to spot such things again.

A.S.S. Contributor

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