No star for this company at all, Redmart. 1st time ordering and will be last time.

Ordered immediately on Wednesday (3 Feb 2016) after Redmart send me an email saying the mandarin oranges are in stock. Asked for delivery on 5th Feb between 10am – 12noon. Even received a SMS saying delivery confirmed early in the morning (5 Feb 2016) but I received a call at about 10.45am, saying they cannot deliver to me because the mandarins are out of stock.

Oh my gosh, today is the last day in office before we go officially on holidays before Chinese New Year. These mandarins are supposed to go with the Ang Bao for my colleagues.

After numerous calls to Redmart, nobody is able to give a satisfactorily reply on all these hiccups!! Not forgetting to mention, an email was again sent to me on Thursday (4th Feb 2016), saying the new stock of mandarins are in.

Spoken to 3 different customer service, all 3 of them gave me different answer to the non-delivery. 1 said mandarins out of stock, 1 say the mandarins have problem thus returned all to manufacturers and the last 1 say, the delivery dept actually lost my delivery.

Lo and Behold, just don’t trust this company in fulfilling your order. The customer service and duty manager there are not trained on how to handle such situation, keep saying they will reply me and then I have to keep calling them on my order every 3 hours.

It is not the customer’s problem when your delivery warehouse did not monitor probably on the orders, no matter what happen, when your customer ordered online when it is clearly mentioned there is stock and go on totally to payment section, it must be fulfilled.

Totally not trustable at all. Even now I go online to their shop, the mandarins are still in stock. If it is really out of stock, why is it in your online shop, it is still available?

PEOPLE REVIEWING THIS, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR HOPES ON THIS FOOD SHOP, it will ruin your important day! See attached pictures for all the evidence for the cockups groceries food shop!

Hao San

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