Below happen to my family, so just wanna share with all of you.

My family of four, me, wife,2 kids (1 & 4 year old) stay in a 4 room flat.
1) My wife got goosebumps when watching tv alone at night for a couple of times, as if someone is sitting next to her.
2) Toilet flushing, door opening/closing sound were heard while I was bathing & my family are all sleep.
3) My 1 year old boy would wake up almost every night crying without any reasons.
4) My 4 year old daughter have small bruises all over her leg & back without any reasons.
5) Worst of all, I came face to face with the female ghost before & I also pee in my pants.
6) Me & my wife were having sleepless night & it affected both my family & work performance.

I engage 1 fengshui master & tell him my problems. He assured me it’s a small issue & he will perform some ritual at my house, ask me to buy some ornaments & all these costs a bomb. Even after he “cleanse” my house, the problems still occurs.

Through my friend recommendation, he intro 1 female master whose shop is in a maket stall selling flowers & providing poker card / bazi analysis, house cleansing & more. Master Cheng did a poker card analysis for me & even before I told her my house problems. She just told me:” your house have a “ying” energy & the “thing” is disturbing your whole family right?. I was surprised she is so spot on & I am sure my friend did not tell her before hand because I only tell my friend the general situation whereby she could related most of the things in my family.

Appointment was made & she came to my house. She made some preparation & began to mediate to communicate with the ghost. After she awake from the mediation, she told me she manage to negotiate & pacify the ghost. She give me clear instructions to do some cleansing for the house : do some buddhist chanting day & night, go to one particular temple to pray & burn some things like clothings, hell money & make up kit for the ghost. I ask master why need make up kit, she reply me in a joking tone:” You seen her before & she is disfigured right”? I immediately knew that the master did really commuicate with the same ghost in my house because the ghost I have seen face to face is indeed disfigured.

I followed her instructions & things return to normal. For the next few weeks, no more toilet flushing/door opening or closing sound, my baby boy did not wake up in the middle of the night, no more bruises at my daughter’s leg or back, no more goosebumps & we could sleep well throughout the night.


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