Dear editor,

I’m married few years already, happy family, staying with my hubby, 4 years old son & mother inlaw.

This happen last year happy hour drinking with my girlfriends. I met X later, happily knowing each other & get drunk later, wake up inside the car, and X outside smoking. I realise we have done somethings inside the car just now, partly clothes, bra loosen, not wearing panty, dont knowwhere too, feel sticky, watery down there. X saw me, say, I was very wonderful, enjoying just now. I asked him if he saw my panty, he say keep for souvenir later. I scold him @#$%*, you real sicko too, tidy up myself later, fully clothes back without panty only. X send me to the nearest taxi stand, take taxi back home later.

Few week later, received a picture message, unknown number, a panty with message, still remember this panty & happy hours too. I ignore it everytimes I received, try calling the number always offline. At last X call me, ask me to come out, I say you got the wrong person but he say if I dont come out, he will tell my hubby about what happen that night, ONS. I meet X later, harass, blackmail me, ask for sex, I give in scared he will tell my hubby later.

Check in hotel later, even X ask me to pay too, have sex later, he take away my panty again, say for souvenir, “someone” even ask for sex when I period days, everytimes after sex he will take away my panty, dont know wish to know what he do with my panty later for. lasted for sometimes, suddenly no more calls from X, like totally vanished, disappear.

Recently I bump into X again during happy hour drinking with girlfriends again. not sure he saw me or not, I scared he will harass, blackmail me again for sex.

What should I do now ? tell the whole story to my hubby ? report to the police ? or ?

Angeline C

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