Hi all,

I am having a very bad migraine and I need some advise, I have kids at home who are about 9 years old. and I have been keeping my maid who has been with me since April 2012. I am her first employer. She is not able to cook well and there is always a dispute of food at home. So i brought in a 2nd maid ,who was an excellant cook and she stayed with me for 3 weeks ( she was temp) ,so in that 3 weeks,my maid has got lots of changes in her.She starts talking back with me and whenever i say anything to her, she cries and my husband will scold me, he tells me ” how many maids must we change ” and so it seems that its all my fault.

Today my maid went down so i checked her drawer and I saw on her 2nd spare phone, which she claims cant be used for calls but can take photos, I saw a picture of her vagina, then she posing in her bra, and then without a bra, she goes to the toilet at least 20 times a day. I am quite disturbed that she can do such things. She has no off day but when I send her to the shop she takes 30 min to come back.

Please advise what to do, I am afraid that my husband wont understand me.


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