Dear A.S.S,

Recently, my brother told me that he heard from his gay friends that my husband had paid money to have sex with a transsexual prostitute. I was very shocked when I first heard it because things are fine between me and hubby, and I cannot believe that he will do such a disgusting thing. I also thought that maybe my brother is making things up because he hates my hubby due to family rivalry so I went to ask my brother-in-law who is also gay but he give me contradicting views.

So I went to confront my hubby about it and he denied it and said he never went to that kind of place.& he said if he’s horny, he only does it with me & not a bapok.. He finds them disgusting.. So I assume my brother is just adding up stories. But after much persistence asking, he finally admit and came clean with me that it is true.

It was because he was drunk & he like the way “she” did service for him thus he returning back to her a couple of times. He has been trying to reconcile with me with alot of apologies & begging. I’m hesitant as i’m soo worried about my safety that I may get infected with something.

What should I do?

New Mummy

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