Dear ASS,

Sharing this story to create awareness…This guy claim he is from 369 and goes by the nickname Tiger at Rochor rd. He lived off women’ money and if women cannot compiles to his wants and needs, he will beat them up severely.

Recently, one of my girl friend have been beaten up by him and he even stir rumours about my friend. He like to act pitiful on facebook to win others people’s hearts but after he gets what he wants, he will show his true colours. My girl friend splunge quite alot of money on him but he still not enough And demand more. He also have a history of stabbing his ex girlfriend over money issues.

So, ladies, open your eyes . Do not let such so called double standard gangstee ruin your life and waste your time and hard earn money. So called 369, what a disgrace!!!!

Chiongster 369
A.S.S. Contributor

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