I can’t speak for all women but I feel that I should say something. So here goes.

Women are by and large maternalistic creatures (read again, I said maternalistic, not materialistic). It may be conscious or subconscious but wanting the best for your offspring often weighs heavily on the minds of women. In a country where failure is unacceptable and competition is rife, getting a headstart for your kids seems like a pretty important thing to me.

Income naturally comes into play. Just because your husband is rich doesn’t mean your family would be happy. Of course. But having a healthier income means that more doors are open to your children. There is also the question of personal financial stability. It is definitely possible to eke out a living with a lower income. But what if you want to have a few kids and have to sacrifice your own career? Becoming a housewife is not a bad thing, but indirectly places you at the mercy of your husband, from the financial perspective. I mean, he probably won’t be running off with some sweet young thing, but what if he gets into an accident? What happens next to you and your kids? Was your family income high enough to buffer for this tempestuous weather?

There are definitely women out there who want the money to themselves. But hey, not all of us think like that. And in all honesty, declaring a desired income for a partner means that the guy has a visible target. Its not an necessarily an impossible task. Compare that with wanting big boobs with skin that remains smooth forever. That is hardly achievable.

Lady Vera

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