Dear Editors,

This Plastic woman by the name of Stephanie Ho has been leeching herself on my friend`s husband because of money. Poor friend of mine had to go through her last stage of pregnancy alone with so much stress and they are in the midst of separation.

Knowing this guy has a wife and soon to be born baby, she still want to continue on with my friend`s husband, thick skin enough not to let go talking about fantasy love. i wonder if her parents and friends knew that she is such a lady/mistress who actually messed around with a married man and break up a brand new family which has yet to begin. Poor baby who lost a father before she is even born.

Dont she feel afraid of being called “xiao san” whenever she go out , how can she even managed to live her life happily like this everyday. Conscience betrays guilt ? Karma will definitely look for her , hope she in the future better dont get married and be pregnant if not god will not let her life be easy .

I want everyone to know that such a lady actually exist in singapore and she is yet a lady boss by herself with a nail shop opened at chong pang blk 103. I wonder what make her think that doing such an animal act is right. I really pity my friend who is struggling by herself , i hope she remain strong and know that its not her lost but theirs.

Mistress Exposed
A.S.S. Contributor

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