Dear A.S.S,

My mother, sister and I think that our father is having an affair.

This is the background on how we begin to suspect him:

Our father is the uncle type. He is a cab driver. His fashion sense is practical, just a polo tee, jeans and work shoes.

A few months ago, he started telling our mother to buy him more colourful clothes. All he ever wore was black and blue. He hated other colours. He also started to criticise my mother’s dressing.

He also started to be very active on WeChat. My mother realised that he was constantly chatting with this PRC lady. He said that this PRC lady was a friend of a friend. She “very poor thing”, working overseas to support her daughter.

There are days when my father comes home looking happier than usual. Some days, he is grumpy. My mother looked thru his phone and realised that he always calls her before he reaches home and he texts her goodnight, with the rose and heart emoticons. Usually, when he is grumpy, it means that the lady didn’t contact him.

My mother cldn’t take it and confronted my father. My father started to shout and say that she has no right to look at his fone. He told her to stop embarrassing him in front of my sister and I.

They argue at least once a week. Each time my mother mentions the PRC lady, my father starts to swear at her. That’s when I would lose my temper and start to defend my mother.

I really pity my mother. I have never seen her behave like this before. She has done a lot for the family. She took great care of my grandmother (my father’s mother) when she had a stroke. My mother definitely deserves better.

I am worried for my sister too. She is taking her O levels this year. I hope this doesn’t affect her.

Lost kid
A.S.S contributor

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